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“Modkat is awesome — smart design that’s not an eyesore, because there’s never a good place for the box in an NYC apartment,” Sueanne said in a text. “Before I knew about Modkat I bought this white lacquer ‘palace’ because it had to go in the middle of the living room. (I added the spice rack staircase so she could walk in and out more ladylike lol).”

Luna considers her lacquer litter box, pre-Modkat. Cunningham acknowledges Modkat’s contributions to cat design culture and also mentions Luuup, another company trying to tackle the messy, stinky, ugly litter box problem. He wants to make some contributions of his own, though. To that end, Tuft & Paw just hired a product engineer, whose first job is developing a cat tree from scratch, a process that can take up to 18 months or longer to trial and bring to market. Cunningham asserts it will be a “game changer.”

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