How to stop your cat from meowing constantly at you.

Does your cat’s meowing seem incessant? Cats meow for lots of reasons from simply being bored to being famished. It’s their way of communicating with us humans.


Give a black cat a forever home at Halloween.

If you’ve been weighing whether to rescue a cat, Halloween is a good time to adopt. Need a few good reasons to pick out a black cat? Let us dispel some of the myths and help you provide a black kitty with a forever home.


12 Ways to spoil your cat on National Cat Day.

If you’re like most cat parents, who are completely smitten by their kitties, lavishing them with treats, toys, and undivided attention is relatively easy. For cat lovers, doing something extra special needs no twisting of arms.


Cats are great therapy for kids with depression or anxiety.

If your youngster is prone to depression or anxiety, providing her with a feline friend could be one way to lift her spirits.


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