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6 tips on transitioning to a new litter.

Need to change your cat litter? If so, transitioning your cat to the new brand will require patience, understanding, and a little ingenuity on your part.


Train your cat? Yes!

Don’t believe the naysayers who claim cats simply can’t be trained. Your precious four-legged friend is quite capable of learning how to do amazing things like stand, sit, give high fives, or go gracefully into her cat carrier.


7 Reasons why your cat could be having accidents.

Life with your cat was going great until one day you discovered cat feces or a puddle of urine in a spot not approved for use by your four-legged companion.


Stop kitty from chewing your power cables.

If you’ve got a cat who’s biting on your household cords, you need to understand why they might be chewing in the first place.


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