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The ultimate guide to your cat's health + happiness.

Best products for controlling cat litter odor.

What can you do about cat litter odor control? Take a deep breath. We're about to answer that question.


Are you setting Up Your Litter Box Accessories Wrong?

Let's take a look at the top litter box accessories, which ones you need (and those you don't), and how to care for your pet's litter box.

Top cat litter box accessories.

At Modkat, we like things to be simple, minimal, and modern. We're like cats in that way. So when we talk about setting up a litter box, we don't look for the latest bells and whistles. We just ask what's best for your cat.


Minimize Your Cat's Litter Tracking With a Litter Box Mat

Dealing with litter is part of loving a cat. But you don't have to cope with pebbles scattered all over your home.


Ultimate Guide to Cat Breeds

This guide provides a glimpse into the best of some of the world's most popular cat breeds. Learn more about your kitty!


RIT’s Metaproject features ‘purr-fect’ pairing with alumnus’ Modkat

RIT's Metaproject 12 promises to be the cat’s meow this academic year.



Stop your cat from litter tracking with a top entry litter box.


Ever walked out of the bathroom with toilet paper attached to the bottom of your shoe? Probably not more than once or twice. Then you learned to start checking your feet before leaving a public restroom. 

Cats, however, haven't learned that lesson. They seem to drag litter all over the house every time they do business. Some catsparticularly love digging through the pebbles...

The best litter box for the large cat in your life.

For large cats like the Maine Coon, comfortable settings equal spacious litter boxes.


How to set up a hidden cat litter box.

Here's how to choose (and hide) the right litter box for your cat.


What are the benefits of an enclosed litter box?

An enclosed litter box offers many advantages for cats and their people alike. 


How to stop cat litter tracking.

Here are five proven solutions to help you keep your home looking fresh and your cat feeling loved and wanted.


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