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Flip Tension Band (Required for Flip Paperboard Liners)

Replacement for use with Flip Paperboard Liners.

Customer Reviews

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So far, so good!

Got the paper liners for my Flip litter box because the liners have been out so often. They work better than I expected! Probably going to stick with these from now on 😁

Jarrod S.
Get the liner back in stock.

Poor construction, everything seeps through. They need to get the liner back in stock.

Hi Jarrod, we're sorry to hear this! Depending on how many cats are using it, be sure to add more litter and fill to the recommended level listed on the liner. We highly recommend using at least 3-4 inches of natural clumping litter. The Type F Flip Liners are now restocked as well.

Sally Nunes
Great substitute

Modkat is currently out of the Type F liners so I bout the paper ones instead. They work great and I will use them until the liners are back in stock!

Don B.
Paperboard liners work!

The full size tarpaulin type liners were out of stock, so I decided to try the reusable coated paperboard liners with the retainer band. They are great! What a good backup for the full size liners, which I don't plan to use any more. The economics make sense.

Karen Spotts
Better than nothing

Better than nothing but I would much rather have the liner - when will it be back in stock?

Hi Karen, the Type F Flip Tarp Liners will be restocked in May!