Flip Tension Band (Required for Flip Paperboard Liners)

Replacement for use with Flip Paperboard Liners.

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Paperboard liners are much better than I expected!

I am a fan of the flip top litter box that I have, but the reusable grey tarp-like liner didn't work for me. I live in an apartment and do not have facilities to clean the liner the way I would really like.

Enter the paper liner. I was slightly skeptical at first, "Paper??"

I learned it is not really "paper" but more like the coated, heavy-duty, bakery box cardboard. The paper does not seem to absorb odors like the grey liner, and I can throw it all out at once instead of spending time trying to clean the box *AND* the liner. I've been using them for at least 2 years now.

15 out of 10

Peter R.
Easy, quick

Great and easy method for maintaining the litterbox!

Julie Seitzman
Flip paperboard liners are great!

Love these liners! So easy to use. Kitty bob loves her flip top cat box.
It’s super easy to clean too!

Paperboard Liner

The paperboard liner works so much better than the silver plastic liner. The clumping Crystal litter I use barely sticks to it and lasts so much longer between changes. The only issue I have is the plastic holder so I prefer to tape it to the Modkat box.

Claire Craven
Makes changing the litter a breeze!

These are well made and are working out really well for me! They are less expensive than the other liners, work just as well, and although I know nothing really decomposes in landfills, they feel more environment-friendly. When it's time to change the litter, I take the cardboard liner out and throw everything out! Easy breezy. I can even change the littler it my tiny apartment kitchen without making a mess. Thanks ModKat!

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