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Modkat Litter Tray

    • Reduces litter scatter
    • Hanging scoop
    • Reusable liner lasts up to 3 months
    • Extra deep base keeps mess inside
    • Splash guard for high pee-ers
    •  51 L x 36 W x 23 H cm
      (6.3 H w/Splash Guard)
    • Length x Width x Height
      20.3 x 14.0 x 9.0in.
      (51.0 x 36.0 x 23.0cm)
    • Liner height
      9.0in. (22.9cm)
    • Entry
      8.25in. (21.0cm) wide
    • 6.5in. (16.5cm) from floor
    • Splash Guard height
      6.0in. (15.2cm)
    • Weight
      5.0lbs (2.3kg)
      Walk-off platform can support up to 20lbs (10kg)
    • Seamless base
    • Walk-off platform
    • Splash guard
    • Splash guard clips
    • Reusable liner (G)
    • Scoop

Tray chic.

Customer Reviews

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Mary K.
Prefer one piece box with high sides

It helps with my cat that always managed to pee over the litter box, but she has managed to detach the surround from the pan on several occasions. If it could be all one piece it would be great and worth the money.

Katie Theilmann
Didn't work for my cat

She wouldn't use it at all. Peed on my bed instead.

Oh no, we are so sorry to hear this! We are emailing you now directly with tips and further assistance.


Modkat Litter Tray

Love this litter Box

-Arrived quickly
-easy assemble
-No more spraying on the wall/ outside litter box
-Great quality/large size
-I love it my cat loves it

Saving my floors and my peace of mind!

Works perfectly for my one cat who pretty much stands to pee now, boys for you. Wish I had purchased this from the very start! Thank you for saving me from the stress and constant cleaning! I will definitely be ordering a second one!

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