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Modkat Litter Tray

    • Updated design!
    • Walk-off platform prevents litter scatter
    • Hanging ergonomic scoop
    • Reusable liner lasts up to 3 months
    • Extra deep base keeps mess inside
    • Splash guard for high pee-ers
    •  51 L x 36 W x 23 H cm
      (6.3 H w/Splash Guard)
    • Length x Width x Height
      20.3 x 14.0 x 9.0in.
      (51.0 x 36.0 x 23.0cm)
    • Liner height
      9.0in. (22.9cm)
    • Entry width
      8.25in. (21.0cm)
    • Splash Guard height
      6.0in. (15.2cm)
    • Weight
      5.0lbs (2.3kg)
      Walk-off platform can support up to 20lbs (10kg)
    • Seamless base
    • Walk-off platform
    • Splash Guard
    • 5 clips for the splash guard
    • Reusable Liner (G)
    • Scoop

Tray chic.

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Love it so far!

I was so happy when Modkat came out with the litter tray, as I have one cat who is super finicky about his litter boxes and won't use a covered tray, let alone an enclosed box. I was even worried he wouldn't use this tray, as it is so different, having the lining and the platform step. But both cats took to it right away, which makes me happy because it's so much better looking than any other tray out there!! My only complaint is about the shield - as others have said, it's curled from shipping rolled up which ruins the otherwise clean look - so I'm not using it (but also don't seem to need it). I was also worried that the platform was too bulky and making the usable space in the tray even smaller, but it doesn't seem to bother the cats! I haven't had it long enough to speak to the longevity of the liners, but they seem well made. Overall, the best litter tray ever!!

Modkat review fir my cats

I love how well the material and liners of the litter tray. Scooping has never been so easy. I do wish the litter tray was wider/larger. I watch my cats stand on it with the 2 back legs bwhile they do business which means it's not long enough. I have 2 Sphinx. They're not big, they are just lanky long bodies. I will be getting another one in 2 weeks. Although, I miss understood that the plastic shield came with the main order. I accidentally ordered and extra and will like to return it. My cats didn't like the sheild so that being said I removed it from the box. Over all, the litter box is very nice and well made. Just wished it was larger. Btw, I did look into purchasing the new enclosed XL but my cats don't like the enclosed litter box. As I've tried it before in another litter box and they pooped outside of it to let me know. Even when it was clean.

Hi Kelly, Thank you for sharing your feedback! Support is following up via email for further assistance.
Best designed litter tray

This litter tray was so thoughtfully designed. The size is great for small spaces, and yet the walls are high enough to prevent litter from being kicked out. The entry step encourages cats to get the litter off their paws before tracking it onto the floor. The shield is the best part though, because we have a cat that can't seem to keep their business within the confines of the box. It is modern and clean looking.

Finally the perfect solution!

Who knew you could get so excited about a new litter box ! The litter tray and splash guard is exactly what I have been looking for. Finally I have found a litter box tall enough to keep the litter and urine inside but with a low enough entry to allow my old arthritic cat to easily step inside. It keeps the litter areas tidy and clean and has saved me from constantly sweeping up litter and wiping up accidental urine spills. A must for anyone with a "high peeing" cat!

Thanks Modkat!

Modkat Litter Tray

This tray is very nice looking and works well in almost every way. The one thing I would change is the upper plastic splash guard insert. The notches should be cut a little deeper so the insert covers the upper seam of the liner (hard to clean that area...if insert notches were deeper, that would completely solve the problem and I would then give this product 5 stars plus).

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